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Available as a All-In-One "Leash" or "Collar".  


Available in 4 neck sizes:

  • Small:  9" to 10.5" 
  • Medium:  10.5" to 12" 
  • Large:  12" to 13.5" 
  • X-Large:  13.5" to 15" 


Updated design - now made with Neoprene material for soft, added comfort around the neck. Durable and dog hair-resistant! 

Collar width is 1.25"


LEASH has a soft martingale-style collar with leash and swivel handle.

  • Leash is 3/4" wide, approximately 5' long to neck, with handle.
  • Leash has a swivel that is located up by the handle to avoid twisting.
  • Adjusting slide cinches leash so dog can't back out of the collar.


COLLAR is designed for dog owners to use with an existing leash.  Simply connect your favorite leash to the collar ring and you have the benefits of a full martingale leash!  


Made from high-quality soft nylon webbing and strong welded hardware.  Jacquard ribbon.


Quick release, perfect for Dog Racing, Lure Coursing, Hunting, Agility, Barn Hunt, Trial Events, or every day use!


Handmade in the USA

Care instructions:  Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

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